Who I am

Hi I'm Oliver

I'm an software engineer and I enjoy building stuff. I've spent the better part of my adult life in tech and have more than 15 years professional experience in building large, mission critical systems. At the moment I'm focusing on distributed data processing pipelines, container based virtualization, cloud technologies and automation. During idle times I try to make sense of Blockchain technologies.

For those who care, I hold a PhD in CS from Vienna University of Technology.

Apart from tech, I have a big passion for mountainbiking and tennis.

I live in Vienna with my beautiful wife and two even more beautiful girls.

Picture without shades? less shades more ties

What I do


I started programming on my most beloved Amiga 500, which i got for my 10th birthday. But then again, I mostly played games at that time. Programming really caught my attention when my dad bought our first PC a couple of years later.


In 2000 I started my professional career at a Telco, where I mainly did system programming in C and Perl. As many other companies at that time, we later completly switched to Java. I still do some Java programming today, but it's not Java itself but the JVM which I think is one of the most important technology stacks of the last two decades. If you're wondering: Kotlin over Scala.


I studied Informatics at the Vienna University of Technology, and finished my doctoral studies in 2012. My research interests included service oriented computing and complex event processing. I authored several scientific papers, most notably a contribution to the IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering. After my PhD studies, I also managed a team of several PhD candidates as a Postdoc researcher, where I helped building novel technologies for Cloud elasticity and IoT monitoring systems.


I have a good understanding of distributed systems and advocate micro services architectures, which are the foundation for the data processing pipelines that I'm currently working on.

I am a big fan of Spring Framework and used it since some 1.* release back in 2005. A lot of the stuff I build is using Spring Boot as its foundation.

I hate repetitive tasks and really enjoy automation on different levels. I have good experience with Ansible, and recently started using Terraform.

I have been using Kafka over the last two years

I am also very interested in containers, and I'm running Kubernetes and Docker in production for a while now. And yes, things are much easier in theory than they are in practice.

I am very happy with Prometheus as the tool of choice for monitoring all those things.

Other technologies that I have used in the past: Elasticsearch, Redis,NodeJS, Angular, Go, Ruby, Android.

Random IO

At some point, I will definitely reboot my blog.

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Please contact me through Linkedin or Xing.